running endless laps.

August 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is that darn treadmill that is wreaking havoc on my right hip. Running outside it is fine. Ellipticaling my life away it also is fine. But running on the treadmill, jeesh it just hurts so badly. I have reached out to my cross country coach at school and told him of my latest ailment and he suggested rest and some ice. I took his advice and I decided a few days of rest would be perfect… well a few days of rest equals a few days on the elliptical, and it felt fine.

Today I gave up the treadmill and headed outside for some fresh air. I ran and ran and ran around a track. Not just one steady pace, but I varied it. I did sprints and fast runs and slow jogs and everything in between and towards the end, I was tired. I ran a few miles at pace and it just felt so good πŸ™‚


I just had to get that out there, there is nothing like running outside. Nothing even comes close.


see you on the track!





July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Runapy. Yup. Like therapy, but with sneakers attached to your feet and an old friend to confide in. This morning I went running with Lisa. I haven’t ran outside in about three weeks, which is sad 😦 but its been so dang hot out so I’ve been stranded on a treadmill.


I’m not sure if it’s simply the fact that I’ve known Lisa for so long, (since junior high) but I really feel like I can connect with her on a level unattainable with other people. Perhaps it is because she is real. She admits her flaws and shortcomings and makes a valiant effort to improve herself. Each day she is a better person than the day before, and thankfully that has been rubbing off on me. She isn’t a fan of negativity and criticism of others which in turn makes herself feel better. After adopting these views I have found myself that much happier. Sure, I’m happy because I have finally found a good running buddy but being able to confide in someone and have serious real talks with another person who just seems to get you is basically bliss. I only can hope that I can have the same effect on another person and make them a happier better person.


Either way, I’m just so glad there is finally someone on this planet who isn’t like, an alien. Read her blog, please and thanks.


Short post today, but the appreciation I have for Lisa, jeeepaaas. I hope she doesn’t take it as creepy, but she is like, totally someone I can look up to. Not many people have the courage to admit their shortcomings and instead they will berate others to make themselves feel better. Lisa does not do this, not at all. She finds good in all people and finds good in herself which makes her a little happy camper. She truly is an amazing person and she better keep running πŸ™‚ even in the cold winter.

taking life for granted.

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

β€œSome measure their lives by days and years,
Others by heart throbs, passion and tears;
But the surest measure under the sun,
Is what in your lifetime for others you have done.”
β€” Ruth Smeltzer
Now, I’m not in any way implying that I myself am taking life for granted. I have been lucky enough at a young age to learn the importance of little things and being appreciative for everything, not just the couch under my butt but moreso the people in my life and the things they do and have done for me. Not everyone is here to stay in my life and I have come to realize this. But during their quick appearance they leave a major footprint on my life.
I have always been taught to not overly value material objects. I crashed my moms car once, it was only a few months old. I was freaking out and when I finally got around to calling her and telling her she was calm. She barely cared… why? Because I was okay and the value of my life is more important than a car. Sure, cars are necessary and it was a hassle dealing with the rental company and the insurance company and whoever else but because I did not get hurt it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Once I lost one of her diamond earrings. Whoops. Well I was freaking out. I was a mess. Again, it’s just an earring.. it can be replaced. Some people might not get this mindset, but really I would much rather share experiences with my friends and family than value something tangible. I’m truly grateful for every person who has come into my life; whether they’ve stayed or left isn’t much of a big deal. Although, there are some people I wish I was still close with.
I guess I just wanted to voice how appreciative and fortunate I am for the people who surround me. Not a day goes by that I’m not happy for everyone around me.
Certain things I miss, surely lacrosse. I can honestly admit that I took them for granted. My entire team this season, I was so over seeing them at 6 am and eating breakfast and dinner with them and seeing them in between. But let me tell you, shit happens and what you thought was bad – ISN’T. AT ALL. Yeah I miss them. Last week I saw Molly, I’ve always liked her and I really missed her after school ended. 😦 She lives in New York and finally we had a cute little date and there were even fireworks! Literally, fireworks were happening in Newton.
Many other things I miss. People mainly, the way things used to be. You know, when you’re a bit naive and don’t really process the way other people think and act, when it just seems like a joke. Until the jokes on you. It’s just all a learning process I guess. People get hurt along the way, it just makes you stronger and better appreciate others. Like the fact that my sister finally moved home from Florida. I don’t see her as much as I’d like but every chance I get I see her.
I have noticed that life truly does have a funny little way of making everything okay and making sure all is right in the end. Eventually everything works out and everything gets better but there is a long bumpy road to endure. I don’t know. I guess, well first things first – I’m surely overtired, but I think sometimes I get kind of sad because wahhh I don’t know. I definitely miss North Carolina. If money was right and everything I’d be there in a heart beat, but other than that, I miss just, certain friends I guess. It’s seemingly hard to get this out. But once I felt so comfortable around some people and again I just feel like the world is so judgmental. Not gonna lie though, unlike planet fitness, my life is not a judgment free zone. I judge the crap out of alot of people without really meaning to. I’m working on that though.
And I miss Maine. Although I’m still so happy I went there. I had never been, it was such a great trip. Such a beautiful state.
Its bed time. nightyyyy

peas and corn. mmmmmhmm

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

tonight for din din din din I had some delish peas and corn (sprinkled with a little salt) and an Amy’s California veggie burger. This blog has been more of like, a random sampling of my life instead of the adventures I encounter while running. Well, basically its been way to hot outside to even breathe, never mind run. Today, my car told me it was 106 degrees. Awesome.

This morning I went outside at about 9 to pick some baby tomatoes for my lunch and just walking to the garden I was sweating. I left for work about 15 minutes later and it was already 90 degrees. woooooohoo. Have I mentioned that I hate the heat? Seriously I’d rather sit in the snow naked than deal with this crap. Hate it. Also, I never complain about the snow. Yeah, it is slippery and sucks to drive in blah blah blah, and yes I have slid out of control right into a snow bank.

So I have been copped up in the gym. Lots of treadmill sessions and lots of ellipticalling. And it is in no way fun. I would so much rather be outside but I just can’t deal with the heat. Last year I was on a fourteen mile run and I had left my house early in the morning before a majority of the heat set in.. well I didn’t really plan to run fourteen miles, it just kind of happened. You know when you feel really good and just keep going? We’ll it was one of those days. It started getting quite hot and I didn’t have any water.. so I ran by a Dunkin Donuts and got water.. kept running, I was far from home but I was on my way back. About a mile and a half from my house my body shut down. I literally could not run another step. Like, I’ve mentally not wanted to run and I would just push through it. I mentally pushed myself through the heat. This was PHYSICAL. My legs would not work. Absolutely were useless. I collapsed. I was petrified. I sat in the shade for a little bit and eventually I managed to drag my ass the rest of the way, it was a very slow slow walk, and an hour later I made it. I was dead for the next few days and in that moment, I fully understood the importance of fluids, electrolytes and making sure you prevent dehydration as best you can. It was quite scary.

I need some hot weather workouts. I’m tired of on demand workouts already, like the cable ones? Maybe I’ll do some yoga in the morning. How I love yogaaaa. BYE!


My hips :(

July 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Waahhh my hips have been killing me. These past few days I’ve been running at the gym on a treadmill, which I hate, but I do it anyway because its better than running in 90 degree sweltering heat. Treadmills always make my legs and such feel weird, but after two 2 hour sessions yesterday and the day before, my hips are killllling me! I know its probably because I haven’t been to yoga in forever and I haven’t been doing any hip opening stretches. Wahh 😦 ill survive.

I need to go to worrrrkk. But first I’m gonna eat some granola! Ill update later πŸ™‚

Back to planet Earth

July 14, 2011 § 4 Comments

So, I took a little venture away from this planet for a while. It’s been like two weeks since I’ve opened my computer, never mind even updating this thing. I can’t even say that I have been busy… just quite lazy. On July 4, I ran a 10k in Foxborough that finished inside of Gillette Stadium. WOOO it was so much fun.

Lisa’s on the left and my brother friend Chris is on the right. He called my the night before and said he wanted to do the race… I did not believe him…. so at 6 am the morning of the race I called to see if he was awake and he was! So I headed to his house and picked him up and we were off! He did so well too!!! The race was such a blast, I did it last year and its just the most fun run ever ever ever. Like how cool it is to stand on the field the Patriots play on?! Awesome!

That’s me finishinggg, and a portion of Lisa. We really had so much fun!

Really, the past two weeks of my life have been quite uneventful. I haven’t done anything else. I’ve gone to the beach a few times and laid in the sun.. Literally last week I didn’t even run. I’m still pretty active, I walk dogs everyday so it’s not like I’m such a lazy bum, but I feel like it.

I tried waking up early today and yesterday to run and it just didn’t work out like I had planned…. I slept in.

Yesterday I went to the gym and one of the dumb “trainers” made a beeline for me the second I got on the elliptical, half trying to pick me up, half trying to get me to work out with him. I was like “nah im all set i run marathons” which the guy thought I was hardcore lying to him. Okay whatever. Plain and simple I don’t want to work out with him. I said that I follow a strength training plan for my lacrosse team at school and hes all like “whats a pretty girl like you doing playing lacrosse?” dude chill. get away. Ugh I was so mad. Like just don’t talk to me when I’m trying to get my fitness on. He talked to me for fifteen minutes, then he told me that deadlifts work your back. k dude go kick rocks. Whatever. Hopefully I’ll never see his weird ass ever again since, 1, I was not at my normal gym and 2, I’ll be back at school in 6 weeks going to the nice gyms in Newton.

I really can’t even express the boredom I face on a day to day basis. I just feel like, I just want to sleep all the time. ughghhhhh i gotta run bad. Sometimes though I just idk, feel too bored to even run. oh well. Hopefully something eventful or mildly eventful will happen in the next few days.

boredom at its finest.

June 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

Over the past few days, there have been absolutely no incredible, jaw-dropping events in my life. These past few days all have mushed together soooooo, as best I can I will try to unravel the mess that the beginning of this week was.

I know that Sunday was filled with work in the morning and field hockey in the afternoon. Oh how I love play field hockey. On the way home I was starving so I stopped at a gas station and bought candy corn. It was a nice little kick start, and I was feeling like a 6 year old with a sugar high, so I ran. I went to Stonehill College and ran around the Easton area. I ran about 8 miles and it was a nice, easy run. I felt amazing, and I glanced at my watch and my pace was 7:26/mile!!!!! Thats great!!! WOOHOO. So I was thrilled and I kept running… then I got a great chuckle, a nice little laugh. A car full of little brats, or more specifically highschool gremlins, yelled the dirty ‘C’ word to me πŸ™‚ hahaha whatever makes people happy. A few people also yelled “slut” and other fun things. I really did get a great laugh.

Monday….. Mondayy??? uh. I walked dogs. I know that for sure. We met this little guy,

Perhaps his name is Crush??

And this is Miranda sniffin’ Crush. They became great friends and then we let Crush go back to his family.

I love turtles πŸ™‚ They’re so cute. Today I almost hit one and I noticed that the truck in back of me also narrowly missed the little guy, so I quickly turned around and brought the turtle to the other side of the road! YAY

Then! Not too much farther down the road THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE!!! Well, this one was not a little cute painted turtle, this was a large snapper. So I felt bad and I wish the best for him, but I did not move him. I like my fingers, thank you very much.

Running… runninggg.. uhhh it’s now Wednesday so that means I have a few runs under my belt since the beginning of this week. Uh.. mega brain fart right here. Like, brain cellssss? hello? are you home??

I know that today I was up at 6 and running with Lisa and Vicki. LOL, this mornings events were funny…. kind of.

Just leaving Lisa’s house we saw some woman getting arrested.. she actually looked like she had gotten ready for her little rendezvous with the nice officer.

Then, we discovered that Borderland State Park is closed at 7 am. Whatever, so we parked the car in the Brockton High parking lot and ran around that area.. then we lost Vicki.. ummm.. I was running in front, Lisa following me and Vicki following her….. suddenly it got very quiet. I turned around and it was only pretty little Lisa behind me.. So a new adventure was to begin!

And we searched for Vicki, and thankfully we found her. It was honestly so scary! It was like living in the middle of a Criminal Minds episode.

Lalalalalaaaaa otherwise, I’ve been addicted to Amy’s California veggie burgers on Arnold 100 Calorie sandwich thins… andddd bean and rice burritos like always and pasta with Thai peanut sauce, and my favorite as of right now….

salad, topped with crasins, dried cherries, walnuts and poppyseed dressing.

mmmmm golly. bye πŸ™‚