such a blog virgin…

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve never blogged before. Sure, I have written plenty of the all too notorious facebook notes when a serious case of boredom strikes. I’ve also journaled a little, like when I was six- it lasted all of three days. Usually consisted of what I consumed for breakfast thennnn, thats it.

So um, I like to bake. Basically just because I’m a mega sweet eater and I have these food allergies. I’m highly allergic to the proteins in eggs and dairy products. That poses quite the large problem for me. I cannot just easily run to the grocery store when I’m hardcore craving cake.. unless there’s a whole foods close by. Generally I have to whip out the flour, sugar, vegan butter blah blah. The process just takes too long, which is good, since I’d weigh about a trillion pounds if baked for myself as much as I would like to; you’d see me on A&E, world’s biggest woman or something. This past weekend was my sisters birthday. I made her a delicious cake with strawberries from my garden and I made myself vegan cookies and cream cupcakes. I made 12 of them on Saturday and I ate 11 of them by Monday…. haha disgusting.


I like to run. I ran today, I went to a local park and did some quick hill work and a short loop with a girl that I have known since junior high. After I got home, I was still craving miles so I ran another 5 miles.

Facebook works in a funny way.. it really does reconnect you with people from your past. I would have never known Lisa is into running and I wouldn’t have gone running with her these past two days. I’ve barely spoken to her since our awkward junior high stage, I’ve seen her at the gym and I’ve probably seen her elsewhere, but I guess facebook creepin works to everyone’s advantage sometimes.


Back to running. I love it. I might be addicted? Whatever. I run cross country at school and we have practice at 6 am. Yeah, cool, 6 am’s are incredible…. well after I run with the team I generally head to class and somewhere during my crazy schedule I squeeze in another run. I never thought I’d be a marathon runner, I never even considered it was possible. I also thought it was normal to run 13 miles a day – for fun. Until a professor asked me about my running habits and said I should register for a marathon. She had a dozen Boston’s under her belt and a zillion other marathons and triathlons. She totally inspired me. I went home that day and told my precious momma she needed to register me for a marathon, and I did. A few months later I found myself standing at the starting line staring at 26.2 miles. I was all sorts of nervous, my panties were in a mega bunch… yeah it was incredible. I never wanted to stop running.. but I didn’t feel pleased with myself. I didn’t cross the line in tears of happiness streaming down my face, my fist high in the air.. I was upset…. Obviously I’m way to hard on myself. I can’t figure it out but I have some crazy goals, like a full iron man triathlon… an ultra marathon.


Also, I clearly have a problem flowing my thoughts because right now I’m going back to discuss Lisa. She blogs, find her at I would have never blogged if I hadn’t begun reading hers or the blogs she follows. I was really nervous at the beginning of this post, but just like I was nervous at that starting line, the butterflies subside and now I’m feelinnn purdy darn good.


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