baby we were born to run <3

June 17, 2011 § 7 Comments

Ever hear of the book I hope they serve beer in hell? It has to be the biggest filth bucket that I have ever laid my pretty little eyes upon. The author of this repulsive book has to be the most wretched creature to have ever walked on this planet. One review on the back cover of the book asked how God could have let something this awful live. Well that person was spot on. I cannot even begin to fathom what I was reading. I’ve head of the book but never paid much attention to it, I’ve heard mixed reviews about it so I surely was not going to waste my money on it. You may know I am a dog walker. Yesterday I noticed it on one of my customers coffee table so I cracked it open. I’m not even going to begin to tell you the bull that I was reading, but I just cannot believe a person like that is in existence. Such a rotten, appalling, horrendous individual. Basically, it revolves around the typical rich kid asshole who thinks he is made of platinum. Anyways, since this is in no way Oprah’s book club, lets move on….

So. Yesterday. Wow. Started the day off with a nice hot yoga class. It was incredibly refreshing; it was exactly what my muscles needed. Then I walked a few dogs anddd, well… you know that annoying song “i just want to lay in my bed” like the lazy song or something? That’s exactly how I was feeling and it was such a nice day soooo I threw on my bathing suit and laid out. I had my lotion, my chapstick and a nice tiedye shirt, all I needed.

Today, I woke up. Ate some delicious rasin bran with almond milk. Then I went to work andd faced the pouring rain. So listen to how great New England weather. Yesterday it was 95 and sweltering. Today it was about 60 and rainy and it felt like it was freezing, so this is what I looked like during my nice dog walking adventure…

Yeah, that is a scarf around my head, turban style. You also see a down jacket. Awesome weather.

I’d love to tell you that I went for a nice run, but frankly my legs were still dead from the hills the other day and uh.. my shoulders hurt from yoga. Is that a bad excuse? haha oh well. I did go grocery shopping. I got hummus and falafel chips, I got salad dressing and celery and so much yummy foods. I also got my new kayak today!! I cannot wait for a nice day so I can go have a little adventure. I just need to find a life jacket for my beautiful dog so he can come along. I know for sure I am going to log a few miles tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will see something exciting during the run so I can relay my exciting sights to you.

OH! WOW. So I went to high school with this  boy who was quite over weight. He was I guess pretty unhealthy.. well… last year I saw him power walking down the street and damn, did he look good. I saw him today RUNNING! RUNNING I TELL YOU, HE WAS RUNNING!!!! People like him are my inspiration! First of all, his weight loss is just amazing, he looks like hott stuff now. Secondly, the fact that he is running is just ahhh! It truly makes my heart sing. So I sent him a cute little facebook message and told him I wanted to run with him and that he looks wonderful. That made my day. I figured I can say that I vicariously ran through him….. that’s probably the epitome of lazy. WHATEVERRRR. catch ya on the flip side!


§ 7 Responses to baby we were born to run <3

  • Haha love it!!! You should totally go after that guy!

  • Ick, that book and that author sound repulsive. I’ve heard about the book before, but have decided not to give it any of my time 🙂

    As for being sore – ugh, I hear you! I’ve still recovering from a freakin’ body pump class I did on Wednesday! My whole body was sore for a solid two days!

    People like the guy you saw running are definitely my inspiration too! Blows me when I see the kinds of progress people can make.

    • i love progress. and it makes me, idk, i guess i just dont think id ever be able to lose weight like that if i ever had to. i just give them so much credit. and BODYPUMP?!?!?! omg i love it SO MUCH. after my first class i was 100% addicted! I’ll never forget the feeling of my legs and buns hurting after my first class! I totally noticed myself getting so much stronger though, its an awesome class.

  • suzi says:

    balh, the weather here in Nova Scotia has been about the same. Last week it went cold/hot/cold/hot all week. I went to an event a week ago Friday and wished I had MITTENS on – in June! It’s crazy.

    The book sounds horrid. Who would even what to read that? It amazes me that some people write awesome books and have the hardest time getting them published when people like this author are already published!

    Being a fitness instructor it make me so happy when I see a huge change in my participants. Sometimes it’s the changes in confidence and self esteem that excite me even more than physical ones.

    • Ha omg mittens?! I just wish it was a nice and comfortable 75 degrees at all times. And it just shocks me that this wretched guy got a book published about his garbage filled life. Seriously it just shows how poorly educated the western civlization is.

  • Sounds like the weather in North Carolina… and now my curiosity’s up about a book I never even considered.

    I start running again in two weeks after meniscus trouble, wish me luck.

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