beach bum = lazy bum

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The most exercise I got today was walking to the cooler and bathroom when I was at the beach.

I can’t even say I woke up with good intentions to run or go to the gym. I knew it was going to be a perfectly amazing day and by the grace of God I did not have to work. I of course was going to take full advantage of a beach day, which has been a very rare occurrence in my life lately. I went with my gentleman caller and we had quite a splendid day. For some reason, sitting in the sun doing absolutely nothing takes a whole lot out of you. We both ended up napping on the beach and he ended up with a brutal sunburn. I did put SPF 70 on him… still he toasted right up. Tomorrow though, I am going to be working! Which actually excites me since I just walk dogs. After, I am so hitting the pavement – hard.

My legs do hurt, but a nice muscle-y dull pain. The other day at the gym I did serious squats, lunges and dead lifts. They felt so great. Yesterday I had my first field hockey game of the summer season. I play in a women’s league and we play until October. So, the dead lifts and such coupled with some intense field hockey mixed for a niceeee heavy, dead leg feeling. Whatever. I like the feeling!


I’ll let you all know how my run goes tomorrow! Perhaps I’ll take my camera with me to capture some nice photographs!


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