running therapy.

June 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Tuesday, I met Lisa for a little leisurely jog at a local park. There are beautiful geese surrounding the pond and there are little cute baby geese. Well, I said something ridiculous about how I wanted one of the little fuzzy baby geese and apparently the momma goose heard me and got quite pissed. She literally hissed at us! This is what that evil thing looked like…

What a little rotten thing, I cas just complimenting how cute his/her children were. Jeepers, can’t anyone accept a nice remark about themselves anymore?

Whatever. So we ran by these things…. We ran a quick loop, it was about 3.5 miles and its relatively flat and fast. Of course we were in the city so there were some weird creepers staring at us and you know, just being weird. Some people really don’t know where the boundaries lie for creepiness. There were some weird guys hanging out of the window of their car oogling at us. Just bizarre.

Anyways, we ran and ran. And chatted, obviously. We talked about how we both want to compete in a triathlon despite the fact that we lack bikes… well guess what? We’re gonna come across some sweet bikes and register. Hopefully we’ll be able to find one in the fall! Man, I cannot wait! We talked about the rock and roll half marathon that I am doing in August. WOO!!! Hopefully she’ll be able to do it with me!!! This is going to be a super fun race, but I’m really really super duper looking forward to the marathon that I am running in October. There is nothing at all like the rush that comes from running 26.2 miles; just incredible. We talked  a little bit about some other problems that have been plaguing my life recently, some little poison I guess you can call it. It’s nice having an outside opinion, which I must say that Lisa’s opinion is pretty right on. Just the camaraderie and the joys of running with another person who is completely on your level is just greatttttt. Running is such a great feeling in itself, and usually you can let your mind wander and find solutions to situations on your own, but adding another person to the mix is even better. I can’t wait for our next running session 🙂 Hopefully today.

ALSO! I went to Toby Keith’s I love this bar and grille, and other that the waitress who probably didn’t have half of a brain cell in her head, it was really cool. I thought that it would be more exciting, but still. I enjoyed it! The Italian salad dressing was really delicious.


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