i have cramps. :(

June 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

I like to run. Just not when I’m suffering from gut wrenching cramps. Look, this is me running…

Well, I didn’t run today. I did go to the gym where I hopped on the elliptical for a little bit. Which was totally cool, it was rainy and a little yucky out and there was so much traffic on the highway. So, instead of sitting in stagnant traffic for what feels like a ridiculous amount of time, I went to the gym. Noble idea. Usually I go to the gym in Brockton but the people there are just so weird and creepy. Like they don’t understand that I have absolutely no desire to talk to them, yet they insist on chatting it up with me. Whatever, so this one dude named I don’t even know, has been hard core creepin for quite some time now. Like restraining order status. Well this creepster found my phone number and keeps asking me out for drinks….. NO. So I’m tired of having to deal with his crap every single evening at the gym between the hours of 4 and 8 PM. I’m sure he has found this blog and is reading this now. Okay, so I started getting up early to work out.. well that didn’t work out for me. So I went to the gym in Dedham on my way home from work. Cool, so I’m ellipticaling away, my nose in a book. There is probably about 24 open ellipticals in a row, to my right. (I was on the one in the corner closest to the wall) Some smelly dude gets on the one right next to me.. uh, like there isn’t one far away that you can get on, guy??? Okay, so this old man keeps like, looking over at me and my book and my elliptical. Not even just glances, like he is turning his entire body and full on leaning to, I don’t even know what is so mesmerizing about my sweaty self. Soooooo then, three young girls walk in, maybe high school age. They’re all wearing matching outfits, like they coordinated what they were going  to wear… bizarre. Hey, Lisa, if you’re reading this, can we match next time we go running??? NO! No way! There’s no reason for it at all! They looked so weird, all lined up in a nice, orderly little row treadmilling away in front of me. I got to stare at their matching blue shirts and white shorts. One even had her hair down, what is she accomplishing with her hair down. wahhhh.

I’m just full of complaints. It’s that time of month. I wish it would go away. Bye. I’m gonna get up and run run run run run forever tomorrrroww 🙂


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