boredom at its finest.

June 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

Over the past few days, there have been absolutely no incredible, jaw-dropping events in my life. These past few days all have mushed together soooooo, as best I can I will try to unravel the mess that the beginning of this week was.

I know that Sunday was filled with work in the morning and field hockey in the afternoon. Oh how I love play field hockey. On the way home I was starving so I stopped at a gas station and bought candy corn. It was a nice little kick start, and I was feeling like a 6 year old with a sugar high, so I ran. I went to Stonehill College and ran around the Easton area. I ran about 8 miles and it was a nice, easy run. I felt amazing, and I glanced at my watch and my pace was 7:26/mile!!!!! Thats great!!! WOOHOO. So I was thrilled and I kept running… then I got a great chuckle, a nice little laugh. A car full of little brats, or more specifically highschool gremlins, yelled the dirty ‘C’ word to me 🙂 hahaha whatever makes people happy. A few people also yelled “slut” and other fun things. I really did get a great laugh.

Monday….. Mondayy??? uh. I walked dogs. I know that for sure. We met this little guy,

Perhaps his name is Crush??

And this is Miranda sniffin’ Crush. They became great friends and then we let Crush go back to his family.

I love turtles 🙂 They’re so cute. Today I almost hit one and I noticed that the truck in back of me also narrowly missed the little guy, so I quickly turned around and brought the turtle to the other side of the road! YAY

Then! Not too much farther down the road THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE!!! Well, this one was not a little cute painted turtle, this was a large snapper. So I felt bad and I wish the best for him, but I did not move him. I like my fingers, thank you very much.

Running… runninggg.. uhhh it’s now Wednesday so that means I have a few runs under my belt since the beginning of this week. Uh.. mega brain fart right here. Like, brain cellssss? hello? are you home??

I know that today I was up at 6 and running with Lisa and Vicki. LOL, this mornings events were funny…. kind of.

Just leaving Lisa’s house we saw some woman getting arrested.. she actually looked like she had gotten ready for her little rendezvous with the nice officer.

Then, we discovered that Borderland State Park is closed at 7 am. Whatever, so we parked the car in the Brockton High parking lot and ran around that area.. then we lost Vicki.. ummm.. I was running in front, Lisa following me and Vicki following her….. suddenly it got very quiet. I turned around and it was only pretty little Lisa behind me.. So a new adventure was to begin!

And we searched for Vicki, and thankfully we found her. It was honestly so scary! It was like living in the middle of a Criminal Minds episode.

Lalalalalaaaaa otherwise, I’ve been addicted to Amy’s California veggie burgers on Arnold 100 Calorie sandwich thins… andddd bean and rice burritos like always and pasta with Thai peanut sauce, and my favorite as of right now….

salad, topped with crasins, dried cherries, walnuts and poppyseed dressing.

mmmmm golly. bye 🙂


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