Back to planet Earth

July 14, 2011 § 4 Comments

So, I took a little venture away from this planet for a while. It’s been like two weeks since I’ve opened my computer, never mind even updating this thing. I can’t even say that I have been busy… just quite lazy. On July 4, I ran a 10k in Foxborough that finished inside of Gillette Stadium. WOOO it was so much fun.

Lisa’s on the left and my brother friend Chris is on the right. He called my the night before and said he wanted to do the race… I did not believe him…. so at 6 am the morning of the race I called to see if he was awake and he was! So I headed to his house and picked him up and we were off! He did so well too!!! The race was such a blast, I did it last year and its just the most fun run ever ever ever. Like how cool it is to stand on the field the Patriots play on?! Awesome!

That’s me finishinggg, and a portion of Lisa. We really had so much fun!

Really, the past two weeks of my life have been quite uneventful. I haven’t done anything else. I’ve gone to the beach a few times and laid in the sun.. Literally last week I didn’t even run. I’m still pretty active, I walk dogs everyday so it’s not like I’m such a lazy bum, but I feel like it.

I tried waking up early today and yesterday to run and it just didn’t work out like I had planned…. I slept in.

Yesterday I went to the gym and one of the dumb “trainers” made a beeline for me the second I got on the elliptical, half trying to pick me up, half trying to get me to work out with him. I was like “nah im all set i run marathons” which the guy thought I was hardcore lying to him. Okay whatever. Plain and simple I don’t want to work out with him. I said that I follow a strength training plan for my lacrosse team at school and hes all like “whats a pretty girl like you doing playing lacrosse?” dude chill. get away. Ugh I was so mad. Like just don’t talk to me when I’m trying to get my fitness on. He talked to me for fifteen minutes, then he told me that deadlifts work your back. k dude go kick rocks. Whatever. Hopefully I’ll never see his weird ass ever again since, 1, I was not at my normal gym and 2, I’ll be back at school in 6 weeks going to the nice gyms in Newton.

I really can’t even express the boredom I face on a day to day basis. I just feel like, I just want to sleep all the time. ughghhhhh i gotta run bad. Sometimes though I just idk, feel too bored to even run. oh well. Hopefully something eventful or mildly eventful will happen in the next few days.


§ 4 Responses to Back to planet Earth

  • 3xmarathonsforcancer says:

    Like your post…I can relate – it is sooo hard to keep it going sometimes. I think we all get this. You don’t like your “lazy” by the way! I find that sometimes I have to vary my training, like going to a track or even just doing interval sessions on the roads…I think so long as you keep entering races you will have something to train for? By the way, I also have a dog (used to be two dogs until one died :-(…) and they do help keep you active even when you don’t feel like training. What sort of dogs do you have?

    You’re lucky that you can lie by the beach – I am in N Ireland and it is bloomin raining at the moment even though it is summer aaaaghhh!!

  • Julian McGrath says:

    btw, my blog has changed from 3xmarathonsforcancer to!

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