peas and corn. mmmmmhmm

July 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

tonight for din din din din I had some delish peas and corn (sprinkled with a little salt) and an Amy’s California veggie burger. This blog has been more of like, a random sampling of my life instead of the adventures I encounter while running. Well, basically its been way to hot outside to even breathe, never mind run. Today, my car told me it was 106 degrees. Awesome.

This morning I went outside at about 9 to pick some baby tomatoes for my lunch and just walking to the garden I was sweating. I left for work about 15 minutes later and it was already 90 degrees. woooooohoo. Have I mentioned that I hate the heat? Seriously I’d rather sit in the snow naked than deal with this crap. Hate it. Also, I never complain about the snow. Yeah, it is slippery and sucks to drive in blah blah blah, and yes I have slid out of control right into a snow bank.

So I have been copped up in the gym. Lots of treadmill sessions and lots of ellipticalling. And it is in no way fun. I would so much rather be outside but I just can’t deal with the heat. Last year I was on a fourteen mile run and I had left my house early in the morning before a majority of the heat set in.. well I didn’t really plan to run fourteen miles, it just kind of happened. You know when you feel really good and just keep going? We’ll it was one of those days. It started getting quite hot and I didn’t have any water.. so I ran by a Dunkin Donuts and got water.. kept running, I was far from home but I was on my way back. About a mile and a half from my house my body shut down. I literally could not run another step. Like, I’ve mentally not wanted to run and I would just push through it. I mentally pushed myself through the heat. This was PHYSICAL. My legs would not work. Absolutely were useless. I collapsed. I was petrified. I sat in the shade for a little bit and eventually I managed to drag my ass the rest of the way, it was a very slow slow walk, and an hour later I made it. I was dead for the next few days and in that moment, I fully understood the importance of fluids, electrolytes and making sure you prevent dehydration as best you can. It was quite scary.

I need some hot weather workouts. I’m tired of on demand workouts already, like the cable ones? Maybe I’ll do some yoga in the morning. How I love yogaaaa. BYE!



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