taking life for granted.

July 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Some measure their lives by days and years,
Others by heart throbs, passion and tears;
But the surest measure under the sun,
Is what in your lifetime for others you have done.”
Ruth Smeltzer
Now, I’m not in any way implying that I myself am taking life for granted. I have been lucky enough at a young age to learn the importance of little things and being appreciative for everything, not just the couch under my butt but moreso the people in my life and the things they do and have done for me. Not everyone is here to stay in my life and I have come to realize this. But during their quick appearance they leave a major footprint on my life.
I have always been taught to not overly value material objects. I crashed my moms car once, it was only a few months old. I was freaking out and when I finally got around to calling her and telling her she was calm. She barely cared… why? Because I was okay and the value of my life is more important than a car. Sure, cars are necessary and it was a hassle dealing with the rental company and the insurance company and whoever else but because I did not get hurt it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Once I lost one of her diamond earrings. Whoops. Well I was freaking out. I was a mess. Again, it’s just an earring.. it can be replaced. Some people might not get this mindset, but really I would much rather share experiences with my friends and family than value something tangible. I’m truly grateful for every person who has come into my life; whether they’ve stayed or left isn’t much of a big deal. Although, there are some people I wish I was still close with.
I guess I just wanted to voice how appreciative and fortunate I am for the people who surround me. Not a day goes by that I’m not happy for everyone around me.
Certain things I miss, surely lacrosse. I can honestly admit that I took them for granted. My entire team this season, I was so over seeing them at 6 am and eating breakfast and dinner with them and seeing them in between. But let me tell you, shit happens and what you thought was bad – ISN’T. AT ALL. Yeah I miss them. Last week I saw Molly, I’ve always liked her and I really missed her after school ended. 😦 She lives in New York and finally we had a cute little date and there were even fireworks! Literally, fireworks were happening in Newton.
Many other things I miss. People mainly, the way things used to be. You know, when you’re a bit naive and don’t really process the way other people think and act, when it just seems like a joke. Until the jokes on you. It’s just all a learning process I guess. People get hurt along the way, it just makes you stronger and better appreciate others. Like the fact that my sister finally moved home from Florida. I don’t see her as much as I’d like but every chance I get I see her.
I have noticed that life truly does have a funny little way of making everything okay and making sure all is right in the end. Eventually everything works out and everything gets better but there is a long bumpy road to endure. I don’t know. I guess, well first things first – I’m surely overtired, but I think sometimes I get kind of sad because wahhh I don’t know. I definitely miss North Carolina. If money was right and everything I’d be there in a heart beat, but other than that, I miss just, certain friends I guess. It’s seemingly hard to get this out. But once I felt so comfortable around some people and again I just feel like the world is so judgmental. Not gonna lie though, unlike planet fitness, my life is not a judgment free zone. I judge the crap out of alot of people without really meaning to. I’m working on that though.
And I miss Maine. Although I’m still so happy I went there. I had never been, it was such a great trip. Such a beautiful state.
Its bed time. nightyyyy

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