July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Runapy. Yup. Like therapy, but with sneakers attached to your feet and an old friend to confide in. This morning I went running with Lisa. I haven’t ran outside in about three weeks, which is sad 😦 but its been so dang hot out so I’ve been stranded on a treadmill.


I’m not sure if it’s simply the fact that I’ve known Lisa for so long, (since junior high) but I really feel like I can connect with her on a level unattainable with other people. Perhaps it is because she is real. She admits her flaws and shortcomings and makes a valiant effort to improve herself. Each day she is a better person than the day before, and thankfully that has been rubbing off on me. She isn’t a fan of negativity and criticism of others which in turn makes herself feel better. After adopting these views I have found myself that much happier. Sure, I’m happy because I have finally found a good running buddy but being able to confide in someone and have serious real talks with another person who just seems to get you is basically bliss. I only can hope that I can have the same effect on another person and make them a happier better person.


Either way, I’m just so glad there is finally someone on this planet who isn’t like, an alien. Read her blog, please and thanks.


Short post today, but the appreciation I have for Lisa, jeeepaaas. I hope she doesn’t take it as creepy, but she is like, totally someone I can look up to. Not many people have the courage to admit their shortcomings and instead they will berate others to make themselves feel better. Lisa does not do this, not at all. She finds good in all people and finds good in herself which makes her a little happy camper. She truly is an amazing person and she better keep running πŸ™‚ even in the cold winter.


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