i have cramps. :(

June 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

I like to run. Just not when I’m suffering from gut wrenching cramps. Look, this is me running…

Well, I didn’t run today. I did go to the gym where I hopped on the elliptical for a little bit. Which was totally cool, it was rainy and a little yucky out and there was so much traffic on the highway. So, instead of sitting in stagnant traffic for what feels like a ridiculous amount of time, I went to the gym. Noble idea. Usually I go to the gym in Brockton but the people there are just so weird and creepy. Like they don’t understand that I have absolutely no desire to talk to them, yet they insist on chatting it up with me. Whatever, so this one dude named I don’t even know, has been hard core creepin for quite some time now. Like restraining order status. Well this creepster found my phone number and keeps asking me out for drinks….. NO. So I’m tired of having to deal with his crap every single evening at the gym between the hours of 4 and 8 PM. I’m sure he has found this blog and is reading this now. Okay, so I started getting up early to work out.. well that didn’t work out for me. So I went to the gym in Dedham on my way home from work. Cool, so I’m ellipticaling away, my nose in a book. There is probably about 24 open ellipticals in a row, to my right. (I was on the one in the corner closest to the wall) Some smelly dude gets on the one right next to me.. uh, like there isn’t one far away that you can get on, guy??? Okay, so this old man keeps like, looking over at me and my book and my elliptical. Not even just glances, like he is turning his entire body and full on leaning to, I don’t even know what is so mesmerizing about my sweaty self. Soooooo then, three young girls walk in, maybe high school age. They’re all wearing matching outfits, like they coordinated what they were going  to wear… bizarre. Hey, Lisa, if you’re reading this, can we match next time we go running??? NO! No way! There’s no reason for it at all! They looked so weird, all lined up in a nice, orderly little row treadmilling away in front of me. I got to stare at their matching blue shirts and white shorts. One even had her hair down, what is she accomplishing with her hair down. wahhhh.

I’m just full of complaints. It’s that time of month. I wish it would go away. Bye. I’m gonna get up and run run run run run forever tomorrrroww 🙂


running therapy.

June 23, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Tuesday, I met Lisa for a little leisurely jog at a local park. There are beautiful geese surrounding the pond and there are little cute baby geese. Well, I said something ridiculous about how I wanted one of the little fuzzy baby geese and apparently the momma goose heard me and got quite pissed. She literally hissed at us! This is what that evil thing looked like…

What a little rotten thing, I cas just complimenting how cute his/her children were. Jeepers, can’t anyone accept a nice remark about themselves anymore?

Whatever. So we ran by these things…. We ran a quick loop, it was about 3.5 miles and its relatively flat and fast. Of course we were in the city so there were some weird creepers staring at us and you know, just being weird. Some people really don’t know where the boundaries lie for creepiness. There were some weird guys hanging out of the window of their car oogling at us. Just bizarre.

Anyways, we ran and ran. And chatted, obviously. We talked about how we both want to compete in a triathlon despite the fact that we lack bikes… well guess what? We’re gonna come across some sweet bikes and register. Hopefully we’ll be able to find one in the fall! Man, I cannot wait! We talked about the rock and roll half marathon that I am doing in August. WOO!!! Hopefully she’ll be able to do it with me!!! This is going to be a super fun race, but I’m really really super duper looking forward to the marathon that I am running in October. There is nothing at all like the rush that comes from running 26.2 miles; just incredible. We talked  a little bit about some other problems that have been plaguing my life recently, some little poison I guess you can call it. It’s nice having an outside opinion, which I must say that Lisa’s opinion is pretty right on. Just the camaraderie and the joys of running with another person who is completely on your level is just greatttttt. Running is such a great feeling in itself, and usually you can let your mind wander and find solutions to situations on your own, but adding another person to the mix is even better. I can’t wait for our next running session 🙂 Hopefully today.

ALSO! I went to Toby Keith’s I love this bar and grille, and other that the waitress who probably didn’t have half of a brain cell in her head, it was really cool. I thought that it would be more exciting, but still. I enjoyed it! The Italian salad dressing was really delicious.

welcome to my world of indecision

June 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

Isn’t this such a pretty and peaceful creek?! Today, I brought one of the dogs I walk to a dog park. This little creek runs through the park and it’s just so nice and pretty.

When I was driving home from walking the dogs I was thinking about what I was going to eat for lunch. I could not decide between a salad with pecans and crasins and a lemon poppy dressing, bean salad, and pasta with spicy Thai peanut sauce.


I really couldn’t decide. These are three of my most favorite foods. To solve my problem, I had three small portions of each. It was such a satisfying lunch and it was great because I didn’t have to make any sort of decision! I’m really the worst when it comes to making decisions. I never know what movie to see or what restaurant to eat in; I just wish other people could always make those decisions for me, but that would make me way to passive.


I’m going running! wooohoo!

beach bum = lazy bum

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The most exercise I got today was walking to the cooler and bathroom when I was at the beach.

I can’t even say I woke up with good intentions to run or go to the gym. I knew it was going to be a perfectly amazing day and by the grace of God I did not have to work. I of course was going to take full advantage of a beach day, which has been a very rare occurrence in my life lately. I went with my gentleman caller and we had quite a splendid day. For some reason, sitting in the sun doing absolutely nothing takes a whole lot out of you. We both ended up napping on the beach and he ended up with a brutal sunburn. I did put SPF 70 on him… still he toasted right up. Tomorrow though, I am going to be working! Which actually excites me since I just walk dogs. After, I am so hitting the pavement – hard.

My legs do hurt, but a nice muscle-y dull pain. The other day at the gym I did serious squats, lunges and dead lifts. They felt so great. Yesterday I had my first field hockey game of the summer season. I play in a women’s league and we play until October. So, the dead lifts and such coupled with some intense field hockey mixed for a niceeee heavy, dead leg feeling. Whatever. I like the feeling!


I’ll let you all know how my run goes tomorrow! Perhaps I’ll take my camera with me to capture some nice photographs!

baby we were born to run <3

June 17, 2011 § 7 Comments

Ever hear of the book I hope they serve beer in hell? It has to be the biggest filth bucket that I have ever laid my pretty little eyes upon. The author of this repulsive book has to be the most wretched creature to have ever walked on this planet. One review on the back cover of the book asked how God could have let something this awful live. Well that person was spot on. I cannot even begin to fathom what I was reading. I’ve head of the book but never paid much attention to it, I’ve heard mixed reviews about it so I surely was not going to waste my money on it. You may know I am a dog walker. Yesterday I noticed it on one of my customers coffee table so I cracked it open. I’m not even going to begin to tell you the bull that I was reading, but I just cannot believe a person like that is in existence. Such a rotten, appalling, horrendous individual. Basically, it revolves around the typical rich kid asshole who thinks he is made of platinum. Anyways, since this is in no way Oprah’s book club, lets move on….

So. Yesterday. Wow. Started the day off with a nice hot yoga class. It was incredibly refreshing; it was exactly what my muscles needed. Then I walked a few dogs anddd, well… you know that annoying song “i just want to lay in my bed” like the lazy song or something? That’s exactly how I was feeling and it was such a nice day soooo I threw on my bathing suit and laid out. I had my lotion, my chapstick and a nice tiedye shirt, all I needed.

Today, I woke up. Ate some delicious rasin bran with almond milk. Then I went to work andd faced the pouring rain. So listen to how great New England weather. Yesterday it was 95 and sweltering. Today it was about 60 and rainy and it felt like it was freezing, so this is what I looked like during my nice dog walking adventure…

Yeah, that is a scarf around my head, turban style. You also see a down jacket. Awesome weather.

I’d love to tell you that I went for a nice run, but frankly my legs were still dead from the hills the other day and uh.. my shoulders hurt from yoga. Is that a bad excuse? haha oh well. I did go grocery shopping. I got hummus and falafel chips, I got salad dressing and celery and so much yummy foods. I also got my new kayak today!! I cannot wait for a nice day so I can go have a little adventure. I just need to find a life jacket for my beautiful dog so he can come along. I know for sure I am going to log a few miles tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will see something exciting during the run so I can relay my exciting sights to you.

OH! WOW. So I went to high school with this  boy who was quite over weight. He was I guess pretty unhealthy.. well… last year I saw him power walking down the street and damn, did he look good. I saw him today RUNNING! RUNNING I TELL YOU, HE WAS RUNNING!!!! People like him are my inspiration! First of all, his weight loss is just amazing, he looks like hott stuff now. Secondly, the fact that he is running is just ahhh! It truly makes my heart sing. So I sent him a cute little facebook message and told him I wanted to run with him and that he looks wonderful. That made my day. I figured I can say that I vicariously ran through him….. that’s probably the epitome of lazy. WHATEVERRRR. catch ya on the flip side!

nike ads

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the nike campaign for “real women”. I’m not sure what it’s really called, but I saw my first ad in a magazine and I was totally floored.



This caught my attention. I wasn’t given long, slender legs. Instead I received my mom’s stubby Irish legs. They’re anything but chicken legs, and after years and years of hating them more than anything, they’re starting to grow on me. They’re shapely, maybe too much, they’re muscular and there isn’t a damn thing I can do to change them. They’ve carried me many, many miles. They’ve carried me up mountains and back down. Where ever I have ever wished to go, I know my legs can carry me without a problem. I have a deep desire to hike the entire Appalachian trail and I know I will successfully reach this goal. Thank you mom, for giving me strong, powerful legs.



This ad also made me look twice. I’ve been called thunderthigs.. yup MEAN. Kids were awful back in school. I remember once in highschool I overheard a girl say “oh Lindsey has huge thighs” wellllll. sorry girl, but there’s nothing I can do to change them. I run, and without these powerful legs mommaa blessed me with, I doubt I’d be the endurance runner I am today, logging miles upon miles for the sheer joy of it.

Tomorrow before my run I’m going to post a picture of me, of my thighs, my legs.  I’ll throw one up now, from last summer. Very few people have seen this picture, I’m talking like three people max.

Not exactly the best picture for showing off my great thunderthighs, but I don’t think they’re existent on my body. Whatever 🙂 Still, thank you maammaaa ❤

also, im recently blonde.

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

well for the past few months. ive spent my entire life with dark brown haiirrrrs hangin from my head….



thats me and my little boyfriend/dog. hes spencer..




here. blonde. so polar opposite. being nerdy, blogging and watching the bruins!